Friday, April 28, 2006


Lordy heavens, this is going to take forever. "Progress" on the leaf lace shawl:
Leaf Lace shawl in progress
i made it through 7 repeats last night. the pattern row isn't so bad, but it takes friggin forever on the purl row. and it's only going to get looooonger. noooooooo. i'll have to remember to pace myself. i have to have this done by june. i'll probably make it barring any major disasters (fingers crossed)

Second Big Gay Sock
this one is also taking forever. i think i might start doing more socks cuff down. i have another 1/2 inch or so before i do the calf increases.

yeah i wish i had words of wisdom to dispense. meh.


  1. meh is enough wisdom for 9 in the morning :)

  2. Go girl! You can do it! (By the way, I understand the lace boredom. That's why I pick garter bg projects - much easier and faster!)

  3. is going to be so pretty.

    You have inspired me to really do Trellis now!

    I wanted to before, but hadn't seen such awesome photos of it.

    Yours are soooo nice.



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