Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Primal urges

...the beast discovers that she is left alone with her prey. she circles it, sniffs, takes in its rainbowy essence. then when the time is right, she pounces. kneads. gnaws. drools. suddenly her joy is cut off when she realizes that she is not alone. the crazy owner is back. the owner is furious. the beast gets booted. and the prey--oh it's not pretty. never has a tangled lump of bright multicolored string looked so lost in its forlornity.

that's what happened to my Big Gay Socks. i don't think i'm meant to finish them.

Soleil from spring 2005 knitty
Soleil back
I did finish soleil, from spring knitty 2005. 5 skeins of knitpicks shine in cream, smallest size, on #3 addi turbos.

minimal modifications: i knit at 7 st/in, started the bottom with a purl row to help stop the border lace from curling, added an inch to the body, did a 3-needle bind off on the shoulders, and knit 2 rows of sc edging.

I wore this top last night to test the stretch factor. i think it's holding up well. but i'm not sure that i like it. i don't think it's very flattering. i can't quite figure out why, but it's either because it makes me look fat, or i look like a man. one of those two. maybe both. or maybe i am crazy. maybe this style just isn't good for me. who knows?

because of the anger factor of having to detangle a mess of rainbow yarn, i finally frogged the wool cotton blahge (yes, it is a word in Sara-speak) and cast on for the one-button cardigan from summer 2005 ik. i remember thinking that this cardi was cute, but just a size too large on the model. so to counteract that, i'm knitting on #5 addi turbos instead of #7. here's my progress so far.
One Button Cardigan from Summer 2005 IK
i think this pattern will work well. i really wanted a cardigan, because i already own a pullover sweater in this color. i have another similar styled winter cardigan that i love. the sweater has an interesting lace pattern that'll keep it from being too boring. and i think i'm finally up for the challenge of knitting a sweater flat and seaming. we'll see how it works out.

lastly, i got my swap from AKknitter in the mail yesterday.
AKknitter swap and addis
i sent her two hanks of ll shepherd sport in exchange for 3 hanks of blue sky cotton in yellow. she very generously sent me 2 leftover skeins of organic cotton as well. i was thinking about fashioning some kind of knitted tennis vest with the yellow. the cotton is very soft, and i can't wait to try it out. i also got my new addi turbos in #5 and #6 from jeffwonderland.

i'm still angry with my cat.

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  1. I think the Soleil looks cute. The only possible improvement might have been to make the shoulder straps a bit more narrow so the tank would look more shapely on you. The fact that it makes your shoulders look wide may be what you think makes it look "manly". I'm in total agreement regarding the new Knitty--at least it means I can focus on my current WIPs.

  2. You are such a fast knitter!!!

    I like Soliel. I have some tops that I have knitted/sewn that I think makes me look a bit broad in the shoulders too!

    It looks so cute on you though!

    Take care!


  3. I think Soleil fits you perfectly, and looks very nice.

  4. I think it looks really good on you! But you know, we are our own worst critics! :) Good job!

  5. I agree with betzig. I think it's the width of the shoulder straps that is distracting from the overall cuteness.

  6. I agree about the wide shoulder straps. I think I'd make them thinner if I made it for myself. (Which I may. It's still a cute top on you!) Maybe you could thread a ribbon under the bust and have it tie in back, to draw attention to your, uh, *un*manly areas? I do this sometimes ;)

    Your cat feels the rainbow should come to me, obviously. ;)x2

  7. Neither of the above! Soleil looks great on you! Perhaps you can try some of the tips here, if you still feel uncomfortable in it, but don't rip it!

  8. I don't think your Soleil makes you look fat - I especially think you've done the shaping around the chest very well. If you wanted to make it again and make it more feminine I think you might want to make it a bit smaller around the waist area (to highlight the fact you have a nice one) and perhaps go for narrower shoulder straps as other posters have suggested. But I'm really impressed with what you've done already.



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