Monday, April 03, 2006

Is it Gaypril yet?

Lorna's Laces Rainbow socks WIP
i got tired of trying to convince myself and everyone else that the jaywalker wasn't ugly. so i ripped it out. i must say i find it much less painful to frog things since i discovered the ball winder. what a wonderful invention.

anyway, i started over, doing a simple 3x1 rib pattern toe up, of course. the main innovation this time around is that i'm alternating skeins, as you can probably detect from the photo. and guess what? the damn sock is still pooling. i swear, i am *this close* to just trading the remainder of my lorna's laces. it's not worth the anger it is causing me.

if i ever finish these accursed socks (hopefully in the month of april) i will photograph them by the Big Gay Statues, near where i live. i won't go into specifics in case i have any stalkers, but let's just say i live in a very gay friendly neighborhood, and the idea is too fun to pass up.

i finished the comparatively sober Soleil, but i'm waiting to wash and block before i take pics. i'm trying very hard not to start anything new. or at least anything with new, unpreviously knitted yarn.

i've been thinking about the stash lately, and the idea of ever becoming SABLE is very depressing to me. it's too sad--the idea of dying and leaving behind all these materials that you never got to use. i know what it is like for a family to have to sort through all kinds of stuff and be left with feelings of unfullfilled promise. so i am going to try much harder to use up what i have before acquiring more. morbid perhaps, but whatever works.


  1. I would gladly trade with you for your rainbow socks if you decide not to finish them. I was going to buy this yarn anyway to make socks for a rainbow-lovin' gay friend of mine! Just say the word. :)

  2. thanks for the offer, bronwyn. i'm going to keep plugging away at them for now.

    i got mine from sue at littleknits. i highly recommend her store, if you haven't tried it.



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