Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flash Your Stash 2006

Flash Your Stash 2006
I decided to participate after all. It was a little daunting, but I actually don't feel all that bad now that I've done it. The flickr toy did not have enough blocks for my entire stash. You can see my entire photoset here.

Here is the official page of all the participants.

For the lowdown, I have 130 balls total. (Don't worry--I counted the Cascade 220 cone as 10)

I have enough whole skeins to make:

13 small projects (summer top, shrug, scarf, bag, heaven forbid--baby sweater, etc)
18 pairs of socks
6 sweaters (counts as something that covers your top half and has at least 3/4 length sleeves)
5 lace projects
8 Miscellaneous (stuff i don't know what to do with)

and that is only the whole skeins. technically, i actually have more whole skeins that are currently in a partial state of completion but are waiting to be frogged. but i don't feel like actually doing that right now, so it doesn't count.

More fun facts:
only 22% of my stash is sock yarn. however, socks in various states of completion abound in my room, so the true percentage would be much higher if i weren't counting whole balls only.

i have 13 balls of mohair (plus 2 balls of kidsilk haze being made into a trellis scarf). Number of completed mohair projects: 1.

I have no orange yarn. that's entire rainbow scheme has been ruined.

I organized by color b/c that is how my stash is organized. the blue and red baskets are overflowing.

i have only 2 balls of acrylic. one was the free bernat disco.

I really don't like royal blue all that much. i actually don't like it at all. i don't know why i have so much of this color.

and just think, i have 20 more skeins on the way from WEBS. i should reference this post every time i feel like purchasing more yarn. i don't think i've reached SABLE yet, though. I'm only 25. What do you think?


  1. Haha, you're young, that's nowhere near SABLE!! I love how you ordered the pics, I'm a sucker for anything rainbow. :) (Speaking of which, I posted pics of my rainbow scarf last night!)

  2. Don't feel bad, I'm three years older and you're stash is about three times bigger than mine! ;-)

  3. dang girl! And I thought I was bad. Nice pics!

  4. I love the yarn stash analysis. (And you have plenty enuff yarn!!)

  5. Nice stash. The statistical analysis of your yarn was interesting, too.



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