Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Doing things is what i like to do...


ok, i officially cannot get that damn dunkin donuts jingle out of my head. i heart tmbg. even when they sell out for the donut industry.

anyway, i'm dancing the Happy Dance this morning. I finished the Trellis scarf. Sharing just a whiff of unblocked glory...
Trellis Scarf unblocked
Trellis stitch pattern unblocked
Trellis Scarf blocking

I didn't have time to take real photos, but I will this evening. I wore it to work today, and i'm in love. it took forever, but it was so worth it. i officially give ksh my stamp of approval.

...i'm slightly more productive now than previous because
i'm slightly more efficient than i previously was

aughhhhh! HELP ME.

really, though...i could use the advice. i think after this scarf, i am finally ready to tackle my first lace shawl. my knitty sp6, funfuristhedevil, gave me the fibertrends leaf lace shawl pattern. if you were me, which yarn would you use?
A) Tan Rowan kidsilk haze
B) Pink handpaintedyarn.com merino lace
C) Navy hpy merino lace
D) Baby blue Madil Kid Seta
E) Purple knitpicks shadow merino lace
F) The horrifically tangled tan misti alpaca lace
G) Red filatura di crossa kid mohair
H) Black Filatura di crossa kid mohair

I think that's it. My first choice would be "F" if it were not tangled probably beyond repair. Buying more laceweight yarn is not an option--I'm sure you can see why. 8 choices is plenty. So what do you think? I don't promise to abide by popular demand. I'm fickle. But i'll definitely take opinions into consideration.


  1. I vote E. Although I think it would be funny to add some FunFur trim to it. Just kidding.

  2. I vote for A. I love tan. I love kidsilk haze.

    I'd also love to untangle your badly tangled yarn for you. I love to untangle!

  3. I'd say C or E. I like KP's laceweight, and I've got tons of HPY lace on the way. Both are very good yarns, with good value. Also, they're forgiving when frogged (which a mohair won't be).

  4. C or D, don't try and detangle the yarn when you are impatient to use it. tears ensue

  5. A - The tan will match everything.
    Kidsilk haze is perfect. :)

  6. Personally, I'd go for any of the "not mohair" options.

    I'm such a bad TMBG fan... I didn't know the Dunkin Donuts song was them!

  7. I think the pattern needs something non-fuzzy. My first choice is the Misti tan alpaca (sorry). The handpaint merino is my second choice.

  8. E E E and E... I absolutely love love love this yarn and that color's wonderful!!!

    Cheers Eva

  9. I don't knit much lace so I don't have an opinion, but since you were trolling for blog comments I thought I would oblige :-)
    Whatever you use will be lovely!

  10. I vote for A) kidsilk haze

    But I am biased. I am currently having a bit of a knitting fling with mohair and lace.

  11. F. I love the Misti Alpaca. It shows the lace wonderfully.

  12. Just to be different, B! I've been window-shopping at handpaintedyarn.com obsessively for a while, and I would love to do something with their laceweight. I think non-fuzzy for that pattern, too, and I think the pink is cute and springy.

  13. OK, I'm basing this on the fact that although your mohair options are beautiful, it may soon be too warm to wear them. I'm voting for C because I think the merino lace will look great with this pattern, actually be wearable throughout the summer evenings, and I love the color.

  14. The Misti Alpaca would be gorgeous, but I think it needs to be detangled a little at a time, with no deadlines or planned projects.

    Otherwise, I'd go B, C or E.

    If you don't care about not being able to wear it until fall, go with the KSH.

    Decisive, aren't I?

  15. No opinion on the yarn to use....I`m too bedazzled by that Trellis scarf. Fabulous!

  16. Well, I don't have a vote on the yarn. I've never knitted any lace, but if your trellis scarf is any indication, whatever you chose will be beautiful!

  17. Thanks for the lovely comment on my livejournal! I think you should use E) the knitpicks yarn. Love your Trellis!

  18. Another vote for "C". I love the color, a nice blue but subtle. I love some of the mohair yarns also but I just see a nightmare trying to do lace with it...and it might hid the pattern.

  19. I vote for E. I love the shade variation in Shadow. It is really beautiful yarn.

    Also, Hi, as it's my first comment.

  20. Ohh, they're all so pretty. I vote for A.

  21. Gorgeous trellis! :)

    My vote would be A

  22. I vote:

    E - First choice, because I think that would look so beautiful,and

    C - second choice, and this would be beautiful as well, but darker, and less likely (possibly) in the upcoming warm months.

    But all are beauts. Can't wait to see what you decide on!




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