Monday, April 10, 2006

The current state of things

I'm not entirely certain how it happened, but I have a giant pile of WIPs up
the wazoo again and absolutely no motivation. I churned out the crochet vest
in order to give myself a break, and even it took the whole weekend. Ok, I
realize that the previous sentence was a bit silly. still.

Here's how it stands aka The Pile I Can Remember:

1) Soleil. it's done. it's been washed. it's blocking. still. damn cotton
takes FOREVER to dry. and of course it's cream, and my cats jump at the chance
to roll all over it whenever my back is turned. why on earth cats have a
healthy relationship with WET knits is beyond me.

2) Modified Sophie Bag. Needs a lining. i have the fabric. i have a sewing
machine. i have no will to finish this thing. it's kind of a winter-y purse,
i guess. meh.

3) LL Big Gay Socks. this has been my alternate project for when i got tired
of the crochet vest. i am halfway through the foot of the second sock. i am
trying my best to follow through on this pair, because i know that the minute
Sensational Knitted Socks comes in the mail, i will throw caution to the wind
and knit something else. and it was very important that i cast on right away
for the second sock, because there is a very high probability that i would frog
sock #1 and make it into something else. because that is what i am constantly
doing. after this pair is done, i am swearing off lorna's laces in sock form
forever. because although the alternating skeins thing is working *ok* it's a
pain in the ass. (BTW, I still have two hanks of LL shepherd sock in sweet
tarts up for trade if anyone is interested)

4) Trellis scarf. yeah, my motivation lasted just long enough that i finished
about half the scarf. maybe a little more. although i could go ahead and
finish it and maybe *possibly* get one or two uses out of it before spring is
really here, i have no drive to do so. meh x2.

5) Butterfly from Rowan 37. um, yeah. so this one is no longer butterfly.
this is now the Grape Jelly Tank, aka The Big Cop-Out Project. i kept the lace
hem and am knitting the tank in stockinette. on #3 needles. the addi turbos
hurt my hands if i knit more than six rows at a time. six rows is about a
quarter inch. maybe a tiny bit more. if i am lucky, i'll finish this before
summer's end.

6) Silk Ribbed Corset. there is absolutely nothing wrong with this project.
it's pretty, appears to fit thus far, uses nice yarn, and is a fun pattern.
and i haven't touched it in several weeks. i don't know why. i just don't
feel like it. meh x3.

7) The Dread Sweater Royal. Blue, that is. so i was making this lacy v-neck
cardigan. it uses a drop stitch lace ribbing. and now i keep seeing this lace
pattern stitch show up in many different current knit patterns. and i hate the
way it looks in every single one of them. i don't know what the hell i was
thinking. Rowan Wool Cotton is cursed. damn you, wool cotton! so here's what
i'm gonna do. one day, i will frog this stupid sweater. and then i will knit
a new sweater from a pattern that did not originate from me. maybe i'll think
outside the box and crochet something. because i really like this yarn in
theory. maybe i just really hate the color. meh x1000.

why do i feel like there are more things, but i just can't remember them? i
have a mental list of projects i'd like to start, but feel like i really
shouldn't. i should at least try to finish/frog 3 more things before starting
something else. yeah, this generally doesn't work, but at least i have good
intentions. the good news is that upon further perusal of both knitty and
spring vogue knitting, nothing is truly jumping out at me. if it had, let's
face it...i would've started it by now.


  1. Whereas I have been finishing WIPs with a vengeance. One baby blanket, one man sweater, one shawl (not yet photo'd) and now nearly done with a pair of socks for my mom. I guess we just get in these moods!

    Oddly, I loved the blue wool/cotton you had so much that I asked for a bag of it for my birthday. I don't own anything royal blue, but having blue eyes and fair skin, I think it'll suit me just the same. Plus it is just so squishy! I guess if I run out of yarn at the neckline I'll know who I can hit up for a few yards of yarn. :P

    I wasn't super impressed with the new Knitty either, truth be told. I'm wild about the nautiloids; nothing else. In fact, I'm starting a nautiloid as soon as I finish this sock!

  2. I've got at least 7 projects in varying stages going on right now. That doesn't include the 3 that need blocking and minimal finishing (buttons sewn on one of them). I like having lots, they are all different so I have variety!



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