Friday, April 14, 2006

Another one to add to my single sock collection

A Bearfoot Foot
I am determined to finish a pair of socks before my cats get to the yarn. i received sensational knitted socks in a trade. here's the embarrassing part: i don't remember who i traded with. *pained face* Sorry!

as predicted, i was unable to practice self-restraint, so i cast on for the cable and moss stitch socks (or whatever the stitch pattern name is). i'm actually a lot farther along now than the picture shows. i used the "forethought" heel, which in retrospect, i don't really care for. i'm using the 55 stitch pattern with mountain colors bearfoot. i knit the foot/heel on #2 bamboo dpns. i quickly realized after the heel that i wouldn't be able to get the sock on if i stayed at that gauge, so i went up to #3s. the #3s are making the socks pool, but it's not LL-awful (a new coinage in my personal lexicon). i'm completed about 6 inches on the cuff. i was thinking about either adding stitches or going up to a #4 dpns for the calf section, or just living with stuntedly-short socks.

i think i might have found a new favorite sock yarn. the bearfoot is soft and pleasant to work with, and i love the fuzzy mohairy glow. and the subtle color changes. one issue is that these socks are looking like they will turn out extra warm, so i might not be able to wear them til winter. i'm thinking they would make wonderful socks for xmas presents, so i might be budgeting to acquire more soon.

that is, if i can prove that i am able to finish a pair of socks. i saw a thread on the knitty coffeeshop about FYS and how it makes people want to buy yarn. i can't say that i'm that tempted to purchase more yarn. but FYS did make me want to use up all my stash...all at once. i have to restrain myself every day from casting on for yet another new project. i sometimes feel like i am never going to finish anything ever again.

and thanks to everybody for all of the comments on soleil. i think i might just rip out the crochet edgings and let the top edges curl. b/c when i tried it on without the edgings, it actually looked fine (non-linebacker-esque). the curling annoys me, but maybe i can call it a design feature. we'll see.

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  1. I've been out shopping for you.

    - FFITD



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