Tuesday, March 28, 2006


last night, i did my mountain of laundry. i finally brought down my
spring/summer wardrobe, which needed to be washed. i also seized several items
from my roommate's castoff clothing. AND since i've been following the policy
of not wearing the same thing for as long as i can just to see how many days i
can follow through on consecutively (9 so far), i have more laundry from that.

so my partially felted sophie bag got washed several more times last night.
and i kind of, might've... overfelted it. it's TINY. like, practically
doll-sized. i tried to stretch it out as much as i could, and it *might* be
ok, but i fear that i will look like a lumbering giant when i carry it. but if
anyone has a barbie who is in need of large luggage, i have just the thing for

all the laundry and frisbee and grocery shopping makes for not a lot of
knitting time. but the good news is that i finally bought camera batteries. i
should be a lot less boring soon.

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