Wednesday, March 15, 2006

that durn camera

no hootin' and hollerin'. i did indeed say, "durn."

my batteries died again. one would think that i would have thought of this in
advance and invested in more b8tr33s or even better another set of rechargeable
b8tr33s but no.

i have been making stuff. that whole sock plan lasted for approximately 2.2
seconds. i caved and cast on for the second anklet. so basically i am going
to have a huge stock of full sized onesies and a bunch of anklet pairs. meh.
i heart ll shepherd sport. it is so so soft. yes, the colors are pooling but
not in an obscene way. i gave up on trying to make the lace look pretty and
i'm just doing plain ol' stockinette. so sue me. i'm almost done.

i also felt (huh-huh) the need to churn out a felted bag. so i did. i made a
modified sophie from magknits using cascade lana d'oro in a rusty red shade.
it is modified cuz i made it exactly half the length. i wanted a cute hobo-y
bag. it is awaiting felting. i'm hoping to find some appropriate stash fabric
for the lining and i need to order some magnetic button closures.

i'm also making the fit to be tied clutch from snb crochet. i'm finally using
that beeyouteeful orange/lime/yellow yarn that bronwyn gifted me during sp6.
i'm almost done with that one. i have some orange satin ribbon that will be
perfect and again i'll have to search through the stash fabric, but i am
excited to have a cute summer purse.

i think that's all i'm working on right now. i feel the need to embrace small
projects. i also want to sew a few more things, but i should really sit down,
make a list of notions, and place a order so that i won't just sit
around and go, "man i really want to make this skirt but i just don't have a zipper."

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