Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Proof of Progress

Rainbow jaywalkers are really hard to photograph. i admit, in this pic, the sock looks hideous, but i swear if you stare at it long enough it grows on you. this is my mindless project and it is going nice and quickly thus far.

this is my "shut up i'm trying to concentrate" project. it doesn't look that impressive, but trust me, it is.

i'm having a problem with the hipknits silk though. it has an awful lot of fluffy bits which is basically like having tons of knots. it's annoying. i realized that i have no idea how to do the twists on chart D so i am kind of winging it. i only did one repeat last night. i'm taking it slow with this one, because i don't need it for any special occasion, and i'd rather take my time and not make mistakes. i'm doing well so far. i'm not quite sure what i should do for the buttons. i've been looking on buttondrawer but i can't quite find what i'm looking for. maybe because i don't know what i'm looking for. i guess maybe i want more beadlike buttons? i don't know. i still have plenty of time to decide.

i also got my knitpicks order last night. at least with the $40 minimum, they appear to have speeded up shipping considerably. i am disappointed with the colors of shine. the colors are more like cream and royal blue, when i was going for white and navy. they definitely don't go together. so it's back to square one for the nautical sweater. i love the grape jelly shadow though. i think it'll make a beautiful butterfly. so many projects, so little time.


  1. That really does look like a brighter version of the "Happy Valley"! Too funny!

    I definitely recommend Serena for the Schaefer Laurel - it's working up very nicely. What color is yours?

  2. Hey gal! Sorry to hear the Shine didn't work out... definitely call them and return it, I've returned a couple things and they have been nothing but nice and speedy.

    Bronwyn, who is waiting on her KP sock yarn and wearing her KP socks as she types!



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