Monday, March 06, 2006


i got the blue sky alpacas skirt pattern in the mail from kpixie. and i think
that my SP is right. it seems dangerous to tinker with yarn subs in this case.
after all, i would probably want to stick with sportweight alpaca. and the
cost-comparison runs as follows:

blue sky sportweight alpaca from kpixie would cost $52
knitpicks andean treasure would be $27 (but i can't find a color i like)
misti alpaca sport would be $37
blue sky melange from WEBS would be $48

i'd also have to invest in some #0 and #2 needles, as all i have are dpns.

it's a cute skirt. but is it *that* cute? what if i slave away on tiny
needles just to have it look like poo?

then again, we are talking about the woman (me) who just spent $40 on a brown
leather bag. i don't carry a purse about 90% of the time, and i hardly ever
wear brown. and don't get me started on all those $60 shoes that i've bought
and worn once. so $60 yarn isn't so much of a stretch, right? if it is truly
horrible, i've still purchased 7 hanks of lovely alpaca, so i could always frog
and knit a cute top to wear if the skirt thing falls through. then again, god
only knows it would take me 5000 years to knit the thing. i think the time
factor is more potentially bothersome than the money factor. i don't know what
to doooooooooo.

i haven't knit much this weekend. i'm taking a well-deserved break. i am very
close to finishing the Great Sewing Experiment: AKA That Anthropologie Top. i
should have pics soon.


  1. Hmmm, maybe wait til someone else finishes the skirt (knit and tonic wendy is going to do it) and see what her response to it is? Cause she normally gives a what I would call a good opinion about patterns. Before investing the time (mainly the time, not the cashola) in it? Cause size 2 and 0 needles, well, this baby might take a while. And, the yarn choices (except knitpicks) are all close enough in price that I'd say pick whatever one has the best color.

  2. I second Sarah's comment!




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