Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ok, it's a really boring day.

blecch. you know things are Dullsville when i actually post *twice* in one

i finished up SP shopping online. i very much enjoy internet shopping, but i
get trapped in shipping justification. as in, "oh no i have to order at least
$25 worth, so i'd better order something for me in addition to something for my
pal!" ok, so it's a lame excuse, but somehow it really works on me.

so in addition to pal stuff, i ordered the blue sky alpaca pleated skirt
pattern from kpixie. even though i have no yarn. and i'm against the very
idea of knitted skirts. but dude, have you seen the pattern? it's so damn

i also ordered the SNB crochet book from amazon. i was sold on it b/c i saw
some of the patterns and they actually managed to avoid the look of Grandma's
wardrobe or Style of the 70s. though just barely. actually now that i think
about it, i don't think i've even used SNB nation much b/c the patterns are all
a bit on the trendy and/or hokey side. oh well. maybe one day i will know a
hip teenager to crochet for. or i'll crochet for the hip teenager that lives
inside me. after all, most people already think i'm in my teens. might as
well live up to the misjudged stereotype.

and finally, i placed another littleknits order (can you tell i heart that
store?) and bought some more lorna's laces. yes, it is a sickness. i got 2
hanks of shepherd sock in the rainbow colorway. now some of you might recall
that i have only made ONE pair of socks from lorna's laces that i gave to my
roommate. she likes them. i haven't even made one pair to try out for myself.
but right now, in my sock yarn stash, i have: 1 hank of sportweight in
lakeview, 2 hanks of sport in mixed berries, 2 hanks of nearly solid sockweight
in purple, and 2 hanks of sockweight in sweet tarts (something like's
pink/yellow/purple). and now the rainbow. did i mention that i hate LL b/c it
pools? yes, you can find patterns to work your way around the pooling, but LL
doesn't look good with any old sock pattern. do i really have the patience to
find 5 appropriate patterns?

the above paragraph also defines what a cheapass bitch i am. koigu and toasty
toes are my favorite sock yarns thus far. so why the hell do i keep buying LL,
which i am lukewarm about at best? because it's cheaper. and what do i do? i
convince myself that i like LL just as much as the other yarns even though i
don't. though i must admit that LL is a lot easier to find than the other two.
and the rainbow was so bright and fun and i heart me some tacky socks.

anyway. that is IT, folks. i am putting my foot down, once again. no more
buying yarn. well, except maybe for that really cute skirt. i'm open to
suggestions on a sub on that way i can justify 7 hanks of blue sky
alpaca sportweight for a knitted skirt that, let's face it, will probably look
all saggy and awful and give me Ginormous Ass Syndrome. Yes, GAS. look it up.
one day, my yarn baskets are going to rise up and throttle me in my sleep.
i'm like "The Man" of yarn purchases. must exercise self-control.


  1. You have a hip teenager living inside you?

  2. ok, PK, you just made me laugh inappropriately at work. i just got a weird look from my officemate. thanks.

  3. lol!

    I think you should use the Koigu!!!! Get it from, and then stop buying yarn.

    Ahahahah. Okay, not seriously stop. Who can! Not moi! Sorry I didn't buy you that pattern, but I think you will like my new pkg anyhoot.

    And you should buy the Sportweight Alpaca- who knows how bad it will look like if you sub? I usually sub like crazy, but if you sub with a knitted skirt, that is DANGEROUS TERRITORY.

    Seriously. I think it is worth it to buy the yarn they suggest, in this case... but that's just me, and I am too cautious sometimes :)


  4. wow - you call yourself cheap? i heard that you need 2 skeins of LL to make one pair of socks - ummm, that means $16 (or $20 if not on sale) for one pair!!!! that's too expensive for me. LOL. i like to buy my socks in the clearance sections for under $5 a pair. hehehe. i think this is why i haven't learned to knit socks.

    the pair you made your roommate - did that take 2 skeins?

    btw, i did see the pattern for that pleated skirt in a knitting magazine yesterday - so cute. but i think i may be getting too old to wear a miniskirt like that. ;)

  5. dear god, i better not be too old to wear miniskirts. i think i own over 15. let's not think of it as an age thing, shall we? i like to think of it as a "i have good legs and need to show them off" thing. or something like that.

    i did use 2 skeins of LL for my roommate's socks. i had a very small amount leftover. i've bought so much sock yarn that $16 a pair seems like nothing. i paid $60 for 2 hanks of toasty toes at a lys, but only ended up using one. 60 bucks for a pair of *that* would be a bit much.



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