Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A new system.

We shall see how long it lasts. So after what felt like friggin forever, i
finally finished (wow, that's a lot of "f"s) my first (now i'm just playing
with you) mixed berry waffles sock. and lordy, am i exhausted. i have no idea
how i made a pair of armwarmers without pattern fatigue. probably the gauge
had a lot to do with it. there's a big difference between #6 and #1 needles.

anyway. the point is, i have SSS. big surprise, right? so rather than
forcing myself to start sock #2 right away just to toss it aside two days later
and not touch it for several weeks a la the Canada socks, i started a new sock.
the gull wings socks from socks x 3, specifically. i'm using ll shepherd
sport in lakeview and i'm making anklets.

which brings me to the new system. spring/summer is quickly approaching. i
only wear anklets in summertime. i don't have that many anklets. so for every
full-length sock i make, i am going to alternate with knitting an anklet. it
won't take me very long to make an anklet. so i will want to finish the other
so i can have a pair. but if i force myself to knit the other full-length sock
first, it should go more quickly b/c i will be so anxious to get to the instant
gratification anklet. plus hopefully i can avoid pattern fatigue in this
manner. think it'll work? either it will be a grand success, or i will end up
with a giant basket of single socks, anklets and full-sized. hell if it comes
to that, i'll just wear mismatched pairs. but hopefully it will not.

the mixed berry waffle sock is pretty and snug, but i really don't want to look
at it for awhile. so you don't get to either.

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