Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my anthropologie inspired blouse

Inspired by an anthropologie grayscale blouse
and the ever popular view of the shirt modeled as i was in a tremendous hurry this morning and so the pic does not show off the shirt at all and has the added bonus of making me look knocked up (which i swear the shirt does not):
A bad modeled pic of my new shirt

ok, specs: this is the original shirt. i used simplicity 5060 as the base pattern. a pic of the view i used is below.

i changed the neckline to be a deeper v, added contrasting fabric for the midsection, and lengthened the shirt by adding horizontal panels to the hem. i also flared the top more. i'm pretty happy with how this turned out. i did not change the sleeves to be like the anthropologie top, mostly because i was changing so many other things i did not want to get carried away. i used a pink and white striped cotton pique fabric (i think) and some white batiste for the contrast. i thought about continuing the white onto the back or making a sash but i decided i did not want a pretentious bow. simpler is generally better.

this was a very liberating experience, and i feel like i could modify more patterns if i really wanted to. there was another anthropologie top i was thinking about, but we'll see. one thing at a time.

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  1. How totally cute (and cleverly innovative) are YOU?!!? Brava!

  2. That's really stunning, Sara!!!

    Great job!!




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