Monday, March 27, 2006 which the Knotty Gnome decides she might like cotton after all...

I'm having a mild attack of startitis. don't hate me.

Since last I blogged, I made a one-skein scarf from SNB crochet using one strand of cascade lana d'oro and one strand of filatura di crosa kid mohair, both in red. It is perfect--soft and fuzzy and feminine. i decided that since winter refuses to go away and leave me in peace that i needed a new scarf to
stave off the blahs.

i finished one rainbow jaywalker sock. it's too big on the foot and too tight on the giganti-calves. or calf. i guess it would be singular since there is only one sock thus far. i tried it on for awhile and though it is somehwat uncomfortably tight, i think i might just run with it because i don't want to frog and redo. i also made this sock with a 13 inch cuff unstretched, but when i put it on, it's only like 8 inches. boo-urns, i say. this might be my last pair of jaywalkers.

what else?

the butterfly is still eluding me. the only thing i can think of is that the stitch markers every repeat are somehow throwing me off, because my little pine cone motifs are all kinds of fucked up. i don't know what to do besides give up on this project for good. or pick another lace motif that i won't screw up. i just don't get it. i SHOULD be making progress. i understand the process.
it just isn't working.

so, i started something else new. i cast on for knitty's soleil in knitpicks shine in cream. i'm loving the cream. i wanted white for a different project, but since i don't have white, i'm embracing the cream for this top. i am using #3 addi turbos and knitting the smallest size. yes, you heard me right. #3 addi turbos, not #6. i have been deceived by cotton before, and i'm not letting the bitch throw me off ever again. i've got her number now. the
resulting fabric is fairly dense and not quite drapey but i have confidence that once washed, it'll open up, stretch, and be lovely. either that, or it'll fit a five year old. we'll see.

if it works out, i'm officially in love with cotton yarns. i've spent the morning searching for other cottons to try, but i'm holding out to see if the shine will benedict arnold me first.

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