Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm tired of winter.

It's mid-march. for some, this means the start of march madness and office
pools. for others, it's spring break show-me-your-tits-wooooooo!!! for me, it
means that i am sick of friggin' winter weather. today i am wearing a
turtleneck sweater. if i were at home, i'd probably be wearing capris and a
tank top.

on the knitting front, it means that i want to only knit purses and tank tops.
remember that large yarn order from littleknits? yeah, the cone of cascade 220
etc. taunts me every single day, but to no avail. i just placed another
knitpicks order.

i got some shadow in grape jelly to make another go at butterfly. i WILL
conquer this tank top. and think how beautiful it will be for spring! i also
am getting into this cotton thing and crochet. i ordered some shine sport in
cherry to make the halter top from snb crochet. AND i finally ordered the
shine sport in navy and cream to make the nautical sweater i have been dying to
make for a year now.

ok so the last thing i need is more yarn. but honestly though--i've mostly
stocked up on sock yarn and winter stuff and there is no way i'm gonna want to
knit a heavy alpaca/angora sweater in july. i need something to keep me busy.

the cat mauled my cake of twinkletoes. another tangled mess to sort through.
god only knows how long it'll be before i start the second mixed berry sock.
last night i finished the ll footies, only to discover that i made the cuff on
the second sock too long. *sigh* back to the drawing board i go.

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