Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HEY, that's not a Traveler's stocking!

uhhhh, so you noticed, eh? Let me redirect your attention to... *runs away*

ok, i'll fess up. the traveler's stocking looked like crap with variegated yarn. well, maybe not like crap, but you couldn't see the pattern at all. and if i am going to slave away at a chart and strain my eyes for hours, then you better be able to see and appreciate every freakin' detail. this was definitely not the case with twinkletoes. so i ripped. and decided it's been far too long since i've made a sock toe-up (i just checked, it was only one pair ago, but back in the beginning of january). so instead i am making a nice simple pair of toe-up blueberry waffles socks. only these aren't blue. so they're "mixed berry" socks.

you will have to take my word that the colors are deliciously muted, like a Monet painting. "But Sara," you say, "You hate impressionist art." yes, that is true. but i guess i don't mind it in my socks. now excuse me while i ramble on the topics of light and life and syphilis (or was that Manet?)...

but i digress. can i just tell you how much i evidently detest knitting sleeves? it never occurred to me in the past. but i have knit many many bodies of sweaters but always tend to give up when i reach the part where i have to make the sleeves. why? i dunno. but i just can't seem to make myself knit the sleeves for the spring wool/cotton cardigan and i know that if i tear into any of the new sweater yarns, i'll never finish it. and let's face it, i'll probably make it through the body of those sweaters as well and give up when i reach the sleeves. maybe the solution is to always create sleeveless knitwear. i dunno.

oh and yes. i know that i had pledged to blog less. but i swear to you that i was really really busy at work, and now it's gotten boring again out of nowhere. not that i'm complaining. but i felt the need to explain why i did not anticipate being back but am anyway. *shrug*

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