Thursday, March 02, 2006

Did I mention I sew too?

so i'm comfortable enough with knitting now that i can look at a pattern and make changes at will. and sometimes that means that i will look at a design and just completely refinagle the thing the way i want to do it.

but my sewing skills are not nearly as refined. i think i may put them to the test soon. here's my inspiration. i have this pink and white striped cotton pique in my fabric stash. i think that a version of this top would be darling with a contrasting white or pink "sash" for the midsection. but i can't find a pattern (and am cheap). i do happen to own this pattern (5060). i'm thinking i can manipulate it to make the shirt i want. i'd have to make the V neckline deeper and add the sash in contrasting fabric, but in theory it wouldn't be too hard, right? i mean, if i can convert a flat knit pattern to a seamless raglan, i can do this...right? it's not rocket science. *cringe*


  1. Of course you've got the skills for it! So much of craft is muscle memory, and math skills. If you can look at something and say "that doesn't look right!" you can do it. What you CAN do to save yourself heartbreak is a make a small, doll-sized one to see how it'll work. I think it'll be darling, and dammit, I liked that top too. So if you're successful, I'll pay you to make one for me too.

  2. I think you can definitely do it. I'm a pretty new sewer too (just got my machine for Christmas), and I would try it. Have you ever done mock-ups? Where you make the pattern in super cheap sale fabric or muslin first? Thats something you could try. But, if you're confident re-sizing an re-working knitting patterns, use the same logic to make the shirt work!

    (thanks for the note about my Muffin kitty.)




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