Thursday, March 30, 2006


Why does it seem like I am always catching up? Lots to say today. Firstly, I took the plunge and went flickr pro. and i heart it. i heart flickr even more than I already had. i've been busy uploading lots o' photos and organizing in multiple sets to my heart's content. so from now on, i will archive my stash and wip photos in my flickr account. meh. i didn't like blogger images anyway.

so first up: a finished object!
One Skein Scarf modeled
This is my One Skein Scarf from SNB crochet. I made it in one evening because winter was refusing to go away. If I had to endure one more week of it, i might as well have a cute new scarf to wear. It is made from one strand each of filatura di crossa kid mohair and cascade lana d'oro (both in red) held together on a size J hook. the pattern was super easy, but the results are very pretty. it's a very soft scarf and i love wearing it. the mohair gives it just a teensy bit of furry halo and it's downright cuddly. it's a bit on the long side, but i seem incapable of making a normal length scarf, so oh well.

Next, some works in progress:
First LL rainbow jaywalker
A finished jaywalker. i swear, i'm giving up on trying to photograph this sock in a way that makes it look non-ugly. it's really not that ugly. i cross my heart and hope to die. however, it doesn't fit very well. i made it toe up on the smallest size for the foot and the large size for the calf. and the foot is too big and the calf is wayyyy too tight. so now i don't know what to do. bah humbug! do i want to rip and redo it? NO. am i ever gonna wear it, or perhaps more applicable, will i ever knit the second sock? probably not. BOO-URNS.

let's just forget about that one for a second. WIP #2 is:
Soleil in progress
It's knitty's soleil in knitpicks shine sport. The shade is cream. someday i will gather all of my ivory/cream/off-white shirts and show them all in one frame. it's pretty ridiculous. so is the fact that i feel the need to knit yet another one. i think it will be very pretty though. i am using #3 addi turbos. this sucker is dense. but i've had so many cotton tops stretch out on me, i'm determined to remedy it, and if i have to knit at 7 st/in or whatever it is that i'm getting, then so be it. i love working with the combo of cotton/modal and addi turbos. i ordered two more pairs in #5 and #6, and may end up ordering more in smaller sizes. I am up to the neck division on the top, and i should be finished with it semi-soon.

my last current wip which has no pic deserves a bit of explanation. I was reading Emmie's blog, and on her project list are these cute little slippers made from noro kureyon. I happen to have a partial skein of kureyon in my stash. but i didn't see the point of purchasing a five dollar pattern when it was highly likely i could figure it out myself, so last night i went home and finagled myself a slipper and 3/4. i should be able to finish them tonight. they are very cute, and i can see myself making more as christmas or last minute birthday gifts. hopefully i will have pictures tomorrow.

finally, i got sucked in by the current WEBS sale. it was too good to pass up. i got 8 skeins of debbie bliss cathy in lilac, and 10 hanks of classic elite premiere in navy and white. i will make that goddamn sailor sweater if it kills me. i haven't decided what to do with the cathay yet, but i'm sure something will call to me. and spring knitty comes out soon.

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  1. I can't wait to see how soleil turns out. It is one that has been in my mind to knit, KP shine seems like it would be perfect!

    I'm attempting the Cable-Eight top, and I think it is going to need some major modifications to be flattering! I'll keep on with it as written for a bit longer and then decide.

    I'm just going to copy-cat everything that you knit for a while :)

  2. Emily: I start and give up on so many things that I'm not surprised that we have overlap. I think my approach is just to knit everything in the universe and only finish/keep/wear 10% of it.

    i hope the cable-8 top works out better for you than it did for me.



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