Friday, March 31, 2006

Crayon-y slipper goodness

Recall those slippers I was talking about yesterday? Well, here they are:
Noro Kureyon Slippers
Kureyon slippers
Inspired by the pattern from this site, I took it upon myself to create my own version. I used my partial skein of noro kureyon (no clue what color number it is) on #3 bamboo dpns. i made my usual wedge toe, knit a few plain rounds, bound off some stitches for the top of the foot. then i knit back and forth for the foot until i got my normal foot length. i then cast on some stitches for the heel and knit another wedge toe (wedge heel?), finally doing a 3 needle bind off on the remaining stitches. i picked up the stitches around the slipper with a G crochet hook using knitpicks wool of the andes in blue, did a couple rounds of sc and then chained a "bridge", completing with a row of sc, one of hdc, and a final row of sc. that's it!

since this was an experiment and my first attempt, there are quite a few modifications i would make if i did them again. firstly, i'd use silk garden. the kureyon is pretty scratchy and i plan to machine wash them to felt a bit. i would buy two skeins so i could match up the stripes. i would probably knit more rounds for the toe, as the ones i made barely cover my toes. i would bind off fewer stitches for the top of the foot so the sides would give more coverage. and i'd make a "deeper" heel, probably by dec every 2 rounds instead of every other round. other than that, i'm pretty happy with my experiment. i can see myself making a bunch of these for xmas or last minute birthday gifts.

i finished the slippers in record time, and so was able to devote a lot of time to soleil.
Knitty Soleil WIP
as of this morning, i've finished the left shoulder, and have only the right shoulder to knit, seam the right side, and knit the crochet border. i look really fat in this photo, but please keep in mind that i *am* trying it on over my other clothes. the fit is pretty snug, but i have complete confidence that this sucker is gonna stretch out, but not in an ugly way. *crosses fingers* ok, i have 75% confidence. close enough.

i got my order from last night. they ship pretty quickly for an international company.
HPY laceweight merino
i got two hanks of paris night and one of "schocking [sic] pink." it is very soft, and the vinegar smell is growing on me. of course i have no clue what to do with it. i was thinking about making a lacy sweater with the pink, but we'll see.

i'm not officially participating in "flash your stash," mostly because i don't think that i really want to know, but i was thinking about doing some serious reorganizing and rethinking this weekend, and putting some things up for trade.

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  1. Great slippers! I love the hpy yarn too, though I haven't tried their lace.



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