Friday, March 10, 2006

crap. and crap, pt. II.

last night, i got the snb crochet book in the mail. btw, i refuse to refer to
it as "the happy hooker." what an unfortunate name.

anyway, i fell in love with many of the patterns. i couldn't restrain myself,
so i started the cupcake top in pakucho organic cotton. i had 6 hanks of cafe.
i crocheted the back and one sleeve from three hanks. and realized i don't
have enough yarn to do the whole top. it might be close, but with the edging
and seaming, i doubt i'll make it. crap. i found *one* hank on ebay, but they
only have one. i guess i'll buy it and try really hard to eek it out of 7
hanks, because i really like the top in this yarn and don't want to start over.

i think i may finally have found a use for cotton. however, i will wait to
pass judgement until i have a finished item.

this morning, my cat snuck into my closet when i wasn't looking and completely
mauled the shit out of my misti alpaca laceweight yarn. all 400+ yards of it.
she had it wrapped around her and was rolling in it when i caught her. crap.
i don't know if i can salvage the skein. i am sooooo pissed. bad kitty!


  1. I really like the SnB crochet book too.

    I feel your pain. My cat has been in love with the mohair wrap cardi I've been making, and despite my best efforts, there have been some unfortunate yarn incidents.

  2. I got the book too and fully agree that the name is completely goofy, but the book itself is worth the money!

    Your blog makes me giggle silently to myself.



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