Monday, March 20, 2006

Awesome SPs 6 AND 7

It's about damn time. the delay was due to stupid blogger images. *grumble grumble*

anyway, i have two of the most awesomely awesome-ist pals in the entire known universe!

first up, a goodie box from my knitty sp6 pal, funfuristhedevil.

what you see here is a classy minimal stationery set, a fun fur (yikes!) easy accessories book, an awesomely bad 80s cd, some colorful gel pens, a tape measure, a yummy vanilla scented candle, two feathery picture frames, a mr. rogers magnetic postcard, and another card with cute little stickers. also, not pictured is some yarn needles. i needed to use them, so they are sans package.

i love it. i have a few questions, though. please please please tell me, ffitd, that you DID NOT spend $8.50 on the fun fur accessories book. because if you did, i will feel the need to justify the purchase, and i will make something from the book and send it to you. i know you are DYING for a fun fur water bottle cozy!!! Also, are you by any chance a teacher? because my third grade teacher loved the characters from the stickers on your card and she decorated our entire classroom with them. just wondering.

i also received my final package from my sp7.

it's a mrs. beeton themed package. (what a great idea. why didn't i think of something like that?) inside was the pattern for the mrs. beeton wristwarmers, and a kit to make the pattern: beads, and soft green yarns. she also included 2 sets of dpns in #1 and #2 (because she saw i'm always losing mine), a package of coffee only available in canada, a cute little notebook shaped like a purse, a copy of mrs. beeton's household tips, some yummy chocolate that i already ate, and two bars of olive oil hypoallergenic soap.

Thanks, pal! i love the mrs. beeton book. i keep thumbing through it whenever i have a spare moment. and thank you for thinking to send the mild soap. i can't wait to try it. the wristwarmers will go on my project list and i'll try to have them ready for spring. it'll be my first time using beads, which is a technique i've been looking to try. i love everything. you were a great pal, especially for your first time out!

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to both of you!!! i know i'm overdue on the thanks, so i'll stick in some extra to make up for it. THANKS!!!

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  1. Awww.... thanks for the thanks and for the kudos... phew, now I can stop worrying!!!

    I am so glad you liked everything and that it all worked out. I am no longer a Secret Pal Virgin!!!




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