Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Attempt #5,698

Why is blogger sucking this morning? It took me like 12 tries to republish my blog. i'm experimenting with a 3-column layout. i felt like there was getting to be too much crap on the sidebar. so now there is the same amount of crap, just spaced out more. i also added that widget-thingie that shows what music you're listening too. completely unnecessary, but fun.

so i started butterfly. again. please excuse the "oh crap i forgot to take a picture" picture. it's not like i need a quality photo anyway at this point. it's gonna look like poo no matter what. this time, i swear i will follow through. butterfly is a legitimate spring knit. it's very pretty. it is what inspired me to learn to knit lace. i've tried to knit it at least 6 times. the good thing is that i've done it so many times that i knit the entire hem frill in the round last night, mostly from memory. the #6 bryspun circs also work much better than the denises i was using before. i'm using knitpicks shadow in grape jelly. i like the color much better than the vineyard i was using before. for this attempt, i am going to knit in the round, eliminating the edge stitches. i have a few lace projects under my belt. i should really be able to do it this time. one day i will conquer this pattern. maybe it will some some day soon. *fingers crossed* who would have guessed that i'm such a stubborn bitch? when i want, i evidently really want it.

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  1. I like it!!! I added you to my blogroll, now that I can openly read your blog ;)

    Your no-longer secret Pal,




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