Friday, February 10, 2006

yarn purchases...i feel a bit faint

woo lack of willpower!

i ordered my ball winder and swift combo from WEBS. that was planned.

thank you string bean, for suggesting cascade indulgence for Fuzzy. (i lack
originality. it's gonna be named "Fuzzy" until i think of a better name) i
searched for blogs on the internet and everybody seems to like the yarn. and
the combined power of alpaca AND angora seemed ideal. i found some at
littleknits for 7.50 a ball. i ordered baby pink, as i decided that white
would be too boring. again, a planned purchase.

BUT then i got sucked in by the low low prices at littleknits. no i am not
affiliated. just a happy customer. so i also ordered a cone of cascade 220 in
bright green. i love bright green. i'm not sure i love 2200 yards worth, but
maybe i'll make a twinset or something. or a shitload of felted bags. i guess
i'll find out.

and even though i have yet to successfully complete a mohair project, and i
have red, black, and teal mohair sitting at my house, i ordered 6 skeins of
madil kid seta in baby blue. dude, i didn't have any baby blue. and i've
already earmarked the other colors for different projects. i want to use the
blue to make a bell sleeve sheer pullover. baby blue might be my favorte
color. i mean, it's definitely up there.

i am a bad shopper. but the yarn total came to $200, which i thought was
excellent. after all, i wanted to treat myself. and this is a treat, right?
*pained face*

1 comment:

  1. I found this on ebay and thought of you. I'd buy it myself, but you know... yarn diet and all. Besides, maybe you should have another crack at a red sweater?



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