Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Woo, go ME!

*chanting* Go Knotty! It's your birf-day.

i finished goldie! she fits and looks quite nice, if i do say so myself. no
pics as she is currently blocking and probably will be for the next week or so.
winter is back and the silk/cotton is going to take forever to dry, i'm sure.
i ebayed for some buttons and chose some itsy square mother-of-pearl numbers.
they are coming from hong kong, so fingers crossed that it won't take 80
million years to get here. though if the sweater dries and no buttons arrive,
i'll probably take preliminary pics and replace them once it is *finished*
finished. i have four hanks of summer tweed left to trade. the final product
ended up costing me about $24. not bad at all.

i am all kinds of sweater excited now. i've gone back to working on the secret
pal project, and i'm trying to rethink some of my other wips. the
secret-for-me project will probably be frogged. i'm kind of sad about it, but
now i don't think i like the motif i chose and the yarn i am using is probably
not the most appropriate for the style i want to make. it may be resurrected
as an hourglass pullover, but i'll have to play it by ear.

when i get my tax money, i think i may splurge for a luxury sweater in addition
to the winder/swift. i mean, when else am i going to be able to afford a
sweater's worth of beautiful and expensive yarn? i'm going to think about it
some more before i buy, but i'm definitely keeping it in mind. i was thinking
of getting some classic elite lush or debbie bliss alpaca silk. ok, so for
some, it may not sound like a true splurge, but i don't think i have ever made
a sweater that cost me more than $50. does anyone have suggestions? i'm
thinking something very soft against the skin, dk or worsted weight, probably a
maximum of $100.


  1. Lush is good, NOT the Alpaca Silk. I love it, it is very soft, but it does not last. So as long as you are ok getting 2 or 3 wears out of before it looks ratty, go for it. Otherwise, choose something else.

    Can't speak for the Lush, and you've already made one out of Chamonix (that's a $140 sweater, young lady!) Why not Rowan 4-ply soft (which can be bought by the bag on ebay). I have enough to make a shawl and it is soft. The weight is fine too, so you could do a lacy edging or patterned stitches without adding weight, and the colors are so pretty too. There's also Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi, and supersoft and bulky merino (at elann, tho I bought mine at LYS) OR enough Austermann Barkarole from Elann to make a whole sweater! That's silk and cashmere! *dying of yarn lust now...*

  2. thanks for the advice. it does give me some ideas to ponder...

    btw, i only paid $48 for the chamonix. it does have the distinction of being my most expensive sweater thus far. what can i say...i'm a champion bargain shopper.



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