Friday, February 03, 2006

Wedding Crashers sucks on so many levels

yeah. not a good movie. went on way too long for not enough funny. and
watching it all kinds of messed up my efforts on making the secret pal gift.
i've had to start over like 1200 times. i finally gave up and went the tried
and true easy route, but now that i've had time to think about it, i am going
to go home, rip and restart because i WILL conquer this mess. yes indeedy.

i should have some help with some good tunes i uploaded to the ol' ipod. i
should name my ipod. how bout Bessie? Esmerelda? Yolanda? i'll think on
that one. anyway. i got the college dropout by kanye west, which i think is
much catchier than late registration. it's also a lot easier to knit and
listen than it is to knit and watch.

i am jealous of all the sock progress over at knittin' mom's sock-a-month
doo-hickey. i should really try to finish the canada socks. i never would
have thought that this would be one of those pairs that is agonizing to finish.
and i've still got goldie on the needles. one of these days...i'll find time
to apply myself. not enough hours in the day.

1 comment:

  1. I named my IPod Petunia. It's good for them to have names... ;)



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