Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Very Secret Pal Day

thanks to everyone at the coffeeshop and here who has made suggestions for my soft sweater. first, i guess i should wait til i actually get my tax refund, and then i'll make some decisions.

and now for a word of frustration: i tried to start the norwegian stockings using the b&l durasport, but i think it was a bad yarn choice. i'm going to hold off on these until i can find a more appropriate yarn. *sigh*

i finally have some pictures. first up, the shot of goldie, blocking:

yeah, blocking shots are always kind of anti-climatic. but i realized i didn't take any WIP pics of this one.

i also received rowan 39 in the mail, and i have to say i'm kind of scared. nothing jumped out at me right away, except to say, "LOOK AT ME! run away in terror at my hideousness!" and now that i can see the designs up close, i can't just blame it on the trendy arty photography. nope, it's the knits themselves that are scary. granted, i saw a *few* things that wouldn't be so awful...if you change the sleeves, and make it longer, and add a different collar, and in a different color, etc. etc. etc. maybe i will change my mind with further perusal, but somehow i doubt it.

now onto the main event: my secret pal packages!!!
PKG #1 from my SP 7:

i got a cool canadian cookbook (i'm already eyeing the curry soup), a puzzle that i put together right before taking the photo, a beautiful keychain, 2 balls of dg confetti yarn (which i have not used before) to make summer anklets, AND the cutest ipod hoodie that my SP made herself. i plan to use it for my brand new camera phone (if the damn thing ever gets here *grumble grumble*)

and if that weren't enough goods to suit your pleasure, i give you my first gift from my knitty sp6, Funfuristhedevil:

She gave me a foot care kit, complete with lotion, pedicure scrub, and fizzling bath beads all in the cutest case EVER. she also gave me some chocolate. who doesn't love chocolate? i will be honest...i'm not sure if i'll be able to use the foot kit b/c of my allergies, but thank you FFITD, all the same, for thinking of me. it was funny, b/c at first when i opened up the box, i thought that the black case was a cd case. i was like, "huh. i guess my pal sent me a large quantity of cds."

and so, now i'm off to browse through the rowan mag again to see if anything has grown on me.

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  1. I am so glad you like it, and that you received it so quickly!!!

    I will be sending your second pkg around the end of this month too. :)

    If you see or know of anything you like, or want to send me a link to a wishlist, just let me know at my email addy!




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