Thursday, February 02, 2006

Taxes and Knitting

so i just did my taxes. yay! i think that if all goes well, i will use a
portion of my refund to buy a ball winder and swift, because i think those two
items will make my life much easier. the rest i will save.

last night i started a new project. *groan* i know. i'm awful. BUT it's for
a secret pal. and it encompasses one of my 2006 knitting goals. and so far it
seems to be going well. so well that i might even make another one for myself.
we'll see.

i also worked some more on the canada sock. and i'm STILL waiting for my yarn
to arrive. i must admit, now i am beginning to get a little pissy about it.

both of my secret pals have sent me cute ecards within the last few days, AND
my sp7 says i have a package on the way soon. how exciting. i am having a
difficult time with my downstream pals this time out because they are both so
different from me. i mean, it's a good thing...i enjoy the challenge, but i'm
worried that my pals won't like the items i've chosen for them. i guess all i
can do is wait and see.


  1. I understand worry about your downstream sP's - I worried about you not liking my stuff too. In fact I am still worried :) The fact is, we are all strangers, doing the best we can to make other strangers happy. I'm sure you have great taste, I've been reading your blog remember! So I am sure all your presents will be appreciated by them... and good for you for doing your taxes! I'll call the IRS off you (grin)


  2. Ahhh, yes, taxes and knitting! I did the very same thing you did! :) I ordered a swift, winder AND a yarn meter (for making it easier to divide up those pesky One Big Skeins into two more manageable sock sized skeins)

    They are on their way, weee! (says she who thought she would never want a winder...)



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