Thursday, February 16, 2006

oh...what to do?

in examining my sidebar, the thought occurred to me that i am not doing so
badly on the WIPs this year. i should plug away at the secret pal project, but
there are some unspoken issues, so i'm not too worried about it right now.
yes, i still need to knit the second half of butterfly, and those canada socks
are looking less and less appealing with each day that passes. I'll probably
never make that second thrummed mitten. I should just display the lone mitten
proudly, like a work of art. and i still have several projects waiting to be
frogged. but all in all, things are looking pretty healthy these days.

for my next project, i am going to churn out a pair of anklets. yes, it's sad,
but i feel the need to keep up with the sock-a-month knitalong, and i doubt i
have the stamina to do anything complex this month. i'm kind of burned out on
socks (say it ain't so!!!) it's true. although i have endless sock yarn in my
stash, i have concluded that right now i gain more enjoyment looking at it and
dreaming socky dreams than actually knitting socks. i'm also having needle
disappearance issues. i've lost *2* sets of #2 dpns, 1 set of #3s, and one set
of #1s. i'm not about to start a pair of socks on #0s or less, and the other
set of #1s is being used for the dreaded canada socks. Note to self: invest in
lifetime supply of #2s for sportweight and #1s for fingering. they're the only
ones i end up using.

anyway, the point of this post is that i have all those teef and no toofbrush.
sorry, i couldn't resist the Waterboy reference. i mean, i have all these
possibilities and no decision-making skills. i just got spring IK and rowan 39
in the mail. ok, rowan 39 is more laughworthy, but i did find a cute crocheted
bag i wanted to sort of make a modified version of. i also really like the
lace scarf from IK. i was thinking of using the dreaded kidsilk haze. i feel
the need to attack the mohair monster head on. i also have that lovely lovely
blue sky alpaca and silk in my stash. i think i may want to make the racerback
tank in spring IK. i also think i might want to make it just because the mag
version is gray, just like my A&S yarn. i was also thinking of making another
sweater, from rowan wool cotton, based on a sweater from the *other* vintage
knits (the sarah dallas version).

of course, i might want to stick to baby steps, because if my giant yarn order
from littleknits ever gets here i will probably not be able to resist
temptation and i'll drop everything. does anybody have any helpful
suggestions, advice, or gentle scolding? i promise to listen, but i can't
promise to follow through. i can be headstrong at times.


  1. Do you have Hobby Lobby in your area? if not, let me know. They have DPNs in sock sizes for a mere $2.63 for a set of 5 and I use mine all the time. They even have them 50% off sometimes! (they're metal, but not slippery. and color coded!) If you want me to pick some "emergency needles" up for you, let me know.

    Oh, and I would finish the Canada sock. I know it's boring, but you'll feel such relief! (trust me, I just went through this!)

  2. Sara, I think you should use your sock yarn to make fingeless mittens or a to go coffee cozy or something not sock related! That might be fun.

    I am actually a sock newbie, so I don't have those difficulties... yet.

    I say go ahead and make whatever you want, and when the yarn comes from little knits, you will have a new pile of yummy distraction!

    You are so good at keeping your WIP list small, so you deserve to have it a little longer every once in a while! Knit away!

    Have fun!




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