Friday, February 17, 2006

near hat disaster

thanks for all of the kind compliments on goldie and the technicolor shawl. i
really appreciate it.

this morning i turned on the tv to check the weather and heard something like,
"mumble mumble...70 mile per hour winds this morning at the airport...mumble
mumble mumble...winds die down to 30 or 40 mph for today..." not to mention
that my rickety ol' house shook all night long. so i got up, bundled for the
weather, did the usual morning routine, and walked to the bus stop. i had
trouble walking forward at times due to the gale, and sleet kept forcefully
pounding itself into my eyes. then...disaster struck. my nautilus chamonix
hat flew off my head and into the busy street! NOOOOOOOOOOO. so like an
idiot, i ran after it and chased it into traffic. well, "chase" meaning that i
ambled as quickly as i could against the wind. i managed to pick my hat up
from the street without getting run over. i was thinking to myself, "Jaeger
Chamonix is discontinued. There's no way I could ever make another one!" I
don't know if that makes me stupid or frugal or devoted to knitwear. you

last night, i cast on for the trellis scarf from spring 2006 ik. i'm using my
welcome gift from rowan...the two balls of kidsilk haze in trance. i had a
brief false start because i couldn't manage the #5 needles i was trying to use.
i went up to a size #7 denise circ and cast on one less pattern repeat, and
all seems to be going well, albeit slowly. i got through the edging and one
row repeat last night. it looks so pretty. i do like kidsilk haze after all.
i just need to remember to use lifelines and be painstakingly accurate. i love
the pattern. it looks so complex but is pretty easy, except for the k7tog

as a new lace knitter, does anybody have advice on what needles to use? the
denises aren't really cutting it. the points are really dull, but anytime i've
ever tried to use metal needles with laceweight yarn, it's been a total
disaster. if i decide to stick with this lace knitting stuff, i'm sure it
would be worth it to invest in some quality needles. i just don't know what to get.


  1. I'm a beginning lace knitter myself, but I would definitely recommend Bryspuns! I just got my first pair for lace knitting, and they're great. Not only are they pointy, but the point is also tapered, so you can dig around a lot. At the same time, the taper is fairly short, so you won't accidentally make your stitches around a skinnier part of the needle. (That happened to me a lot with my Denise's, making my stitches way too tight.) They're made of plastic, so they're smoother than wood or bamboo but not as slippery as aluminum. And, they're pretty cheap. Yup, I lurve my new Bryspuns! :D

  2. Holz and Stein circular, you have to import them but the tips are quite nice. Wendy at Wendyknits has blogged about them several times so you can search her blog before ordering. Bryspuns are also good but the plastic doesn't hold up well under k7togs. :P (or k5tog, in my case.)

  3. Can I just tell you that I think you're hilarious? Laughing with you, of course, not at you.

  4. Hmmm, lace needles. Given a choice, I chose wood circs. If you can get some of the rosewood or ebony ones, those are my fave. I definitely say try the Bryspun ones first, because I hate them! They have a point like the Balene II needles, and I hate those too. So, go to the LYS, and look, and maybe see if you can try!

    I think Trellis will be my next project too! Or one of em. Of all the stuff in the IK mag., that one screamed knit me the most!

    (glad you got the hat back!)

  5. Lol, Sara! You can't die, I am buying you all sorts of goodies for your next pkg- so no charging into traffic. Geeze.

    Just kidding. That is so something I would do too.

    I don't have a suggestion for the needles for lace yarn, because I am doing them on my addi turbos (yikes! I know, lifelines, lifelines galore, let me tell you) But so far, so good.

    Hope you are able to find what you need!




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