Tuesday, February 07, 2006

just to clarify

ok, i see that more info would be handy as i really could use the advice and suggestions.

over the holidays i tried on this sweater at banana republic. i love the style. it's universally flattering, and very soft and cozy. it was even on sale! only one problem...the damn thing was too big. and when i say it was too big, i mean i was swimming in it. why BR doesn't make petite sweaters is beyond me.

at any rate, i still adore the sweater. i even want one in that creamy shade (although i am notorious for changing my mind 500 times about color). i tried to make a sweater in that boatneck fold-down collar style, but the yarn i was using (stuff i had on hand) is perfect for crisp stitch definition. not the soft lovely fuzziness that i was dreaming about.

so when i say i am thinking of buying the yarn for a "luxury sweater," this is what i mean. i thought of classic elite lush b/c it is angora and wool, and i thought of debbie bliss alpaca silk b/c she has a couple of patterns in the AS2 book that are very similar. not that i still couldn't substitute yarns, but you know what i mean. i throw myself in the hands of the experienced knitters in blogosphere. i know someone will have the perfect solution.

and btw, i was going to try to be brave and attempt to fudge my own pattern, so gauge isn't key. though if you can think of any patterns besides the Alpaca Silk 2 book, i'd welcome the suggestions just for inspiration.


  1. Blue Sky alpaca and silk, there are new colors coming out too, saw the color cards today. The gauge is very fine, but the fabric created is soft and drapey. really anything alpaca; there's also "America's Alpaca" or "American Alpaca" (I bought mine at wildstring.com) which is alpaca and silk, so soft, but spun tighter than DB AS and is holding up much better. :P

    Maybe this helps?

  2. There's a great yarn I just felt up at a yarn shop in Port Angeles I went to recently. It's camel! I know, camel sounds like yuk, but it's so lovely and soft and has the fuzzy look you're going for. Unfortunately I forget the name, but I will email the shop owner, ask her, and get back to you.

    There's also another great yarn called Cascade Yarns Indulgence:
    I made a scarf out of this for a favorite someone and wish now that I'd never given it away. It's absolutely delicious. Superb. It's dk weight, half alpaca, half angora.

    There's also a yarn by Lorna's Laces called Angel, 70% Angora, 30% Lambswool. I don't know if this is as fuzzy as you want, but it's still pretty great.

    I'll get back to you about the camel yarn.

    I just saw that you live in Western NY! I was born and raised in Blasdell, just south of Buffalo! Hobo Town!



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