Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just finished!

Sara's Amazing Technicolor Leftovers Shawl
I just tied the last bit o' fringe on my leftovers shawl. It's a simple garter stitch triangle shawl, utilizing many bits and pieces of leftover yarn. I used #10 denise circs. I probably could have used a larger needle, as some of the chunkier yarn stripes are pretty dense. But hopefully they will stretch out a bit with washing and blocking. i kind of went out of my way in weaving in all of the ends and then creating tassle-fringe, but i think that it looks a lot better this way. the shawl probably could have been a bit larger, but i feared that i'd get lost in it if it were too big.

Shawl modeled
This project is the result of stash yarn organization. I really enjoyed making it and I love the colors. I feel like every time i wear it, i'll have memories of all of the things I have made, as many of the yarns were used for gifts that have passed on to their recipients or are the remainder of yarns gifted to me by my wondeful SPs. i'm wearing it right now, in fact. it's like wearing a warm blanket.

I also received my ball winder and swift from WEBS! it took me a minute to figure it out, because i'm not the most mechanical of humans, but i got it and wound several hanks of sock yarn. i also prepared one hank of yarn that i will probably tackle as my next project. for now, i'll just enjoy finishing this one.

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  1. Love the shawl. The colors work really well together-usually I think the projects made from leftovers look like projects made from leftovers. Yours looks lovely, like you had some sort of plan. (Oh yeah, Goldie looks good too.) You are on a role with the FOs.

  2. Looks terrific! Warm and classic -- very Southwest/Native looking.

  3. All of those colors! Beautiful work, Sara!

  4. Hey that's a fantastic use of leftovers that doesn't at all look like leftovers! Thanks for the idea, and it's gorgeous!

  5. Love the use of leftovers to make such a fantastic garment! Good for you! You gave me an idea, I am totally going to do one too!





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