Saturday, February 18, 2006

it's 13 degrees out.

i think that means that i should not have gone on a shopping trip. i just got home from SP shopping. i don't have a car, so that means that i was walking in this weather. i honestly did not know it was that cold. if i had known, i wouldn't have gone. stupid western new york winters. no wonder people kept looking at me like i was an idiot for being outside. i nearly got blown away a few times, but at least my hat was safe. :-)

anyway, i tried a new lys and i got some first rate stuff. AND i got some more stuff in the mail. it's so nice that i'm having trouble giving it away. but it's the joy of giving, right? it's almost more fun, as i get the thrill of purchasing without the guilt of having to throw it in the overflowing stash baskets.

ahhhh...i'm off to warm up and gaze lovingly at the gifts.


  1. Cold!

    Yep, I'm knitting Under the Hoodie from SnB (you asked in my blog comments...) Still working on it!

    Have fun with the yarn-y goodness!

  2. Hey, we miss you! I hope you're doing well and we hear from you soon. :)



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