Friday, February 10, 2006

if it isn't one thing...

it's another.

i took some pictures of the secret pal project, but obviously i cannot show
them to anyone yet. so i set up the camera to take pictures of a finished
goldie, sans buttons, and my camera batteries died. and i can't find my
recharger. so i still don't have pictures of goldie. i am wearing her today
for the first time, and my coworkers all went batty over her. she is
absolutely the comfy loose-fitting sweater that i imagined, and i adore her.
there are a few little pieces of chaff that poke me, but hopefully they will
work themselves out eventually. i tried to remove as much as i could while
knitting, but to no avail. that is pretty much my only complaint about summer
tweed. i wore makeup to assist my complexion, and it must've worked. my
officemate loves the color of the sweater. she said it's not one that you see
every day. i think she meant it in a good way.

i started up another project for the other secret pal. all i will say is that
i am learning to embrace a new type of knitting, and i think i may soon be
ready to upgrade my skills to try something truly challenging.

and guess what? i got my federal tax refund already! so now i can truly start
thinking about what yarn to buy for the fluffy sweater. *note to self: think
of better name for fluffy sweater*


  1. Oh, glad Goldie is a hit! After the last cabley thing, it is so nice to have something you love!

    Fluffy sweater? mmmm, maybe it could be called Bunnycakes? (eh, knittyboard ref, but it sounds fluffy eh?)



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