Monday, February 13, 2006

The Great Stash Reorganization Project

so this weekend was all about organizing. basically, i have to make room for
the major yarn purchase of last week, and my closet is, at best, a complete
mess, so i spent sunday trying to make sense of my stash and get it into a
workable state.

firstly, the good news is that i found wyatt's collar. evidently on one of his
drooling binges in my yarn basket, his affair with B&L durasport took a naughty
amorous turn, and he got nekkid for the occasion. The collar was placidly
sitting on top of the basket. i put it back on. he pouted the rest of the
day. i think he likes being in the buff.

i organized my stash by color, because i couldn't think of any other way of
doing it that would produce a fairly even distribution among six baskets.
trust me, i tried every other way. sorting by type led to an overflow of sock
yarn, sorting by weight led to the bulky stuff taking up more room (a
no-brainer), sorting by fiber type led to a lonely stash of cotton and acrylic
and a giant pile-up of wool and alpaca. so color it is. it was interesting
for me to learn that i have accummulated a massive amount of blue and red/pink
yarns. i also have many more neutrals that i would have thought. i had to
separate black/white/grays from naturals/browns.

all of this led me to realize that i have a crapload of lone and partially used
skeins. so what better way to destash these bits and pieces than a leftovers
shawl? i started it last night, and i am having a lot of fun with it. my
color choices are interesting, thus far, but not terribly ugly. i should be
able to produce a fairly large shawl with fringe. i'm hoping to use it as a
comfy home shawl.

i also finally frogged my river stole and my secret sweater. i can take those
off the frog pile list. i'm not sure if i can count these things as "progress"
but it can't hurt to get them off my WIPs list. i traded my leftover rowan
summer tweed for some cascade lana d'oro in red. because now that i am
organized i know that i definitely don't need more red yarn. oh well.

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  1. yay for stash organization! Did you find any hidden treasures? You could also take up freeform knitting/crochet, which I love for using up "bits". Though I too am making a stash-shawl, so obviously I have a good bit of lonely babies... *sigh*

    Go Sara! (or is it Sarah?)



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