Monday, February 06, 2006

crossing the finish line before heading back

ok, firstly i must say that i finally cleaned my room this weekend. it was a
complete shithole. seriously. i can't believe i lived with it for three
weeks. i even organized and found a basket in the attic to hold all of my
winter accessories. having them all in one place makes me realize i have a
crapload of winter accessories. i was going to make another hat, but now i
think i will wait til next winter. there *is* such a thing as too many hats.
anyway, despite all the cleanliness, i did not find my camera. i also did not
find my cat's collar. Little Bastard took it off (he does that sometimes) and
i swear his neck exploded. he looks like a giant mound of kitty mane without
the collar. and he's a short-haired cat. don't ask me to explain.

the point of all that rambling was that i haven't taken a picture of my super
awesome SP 7 gift. i received my first package on friday. it contains many
many cool things. i don't want to delve further until i can slap up a photo
and point out to my dear readers how awesome it truly is. i also received that
yarn i was waiting for. the ebay sellers (dashell007) were super nice. i
would highly recommend them if you want briggs and little yarn. handwinding
b&l yarn is not so fun. i made a huge mess of one of the hanks. i can't wait
to order a ball winder. i tried to start the norwegian stockings, but had a
few false starts, so i took it as a sign to just finish one of the other 5000
projects i already have on the needles instead.

and so we return to the point of the subject line. i worked furiously on
goldie. i knitted after i cleaned. i knitted during the super bowl. i did
the yoke, tried her on, she fit nicely. i did the neckband, and it's a bit too
mock-turtleneck-y for my taste. a consequence of meshing two patterns
together, i guess. so even though i cast off the neck last night and tried her
on, i will be frogging back in order to make a more graceful boatneck like she
should be. then i'll need to sew the underarm seam, weave ends, wash and
block, find some buttons, sew them on, and THEN, my friend, i'll be done. i
consulted the roomie about the color, and she thinks that the gold isn't awful
on me as long as i find some cute contrasting buttons. does anyone know an
online source for cute buttons?

finally, i've decided to be the only knitter in the universe not to participate
in the knitting olympics. for one thing, i don't really care about the winter
olympics. for another, i don't like the pressure of deadlines for no purpose.
i think i would rather pace myself and try very hard to finish some more things
rather than to drive myself batty trying to frantically knit an item in two
weeks just to prove i can do it. but more power to all the others who are
participating. it's just not my bag o' tricks.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sara!!!

    Yay! I am glad you like your stuff, I was worried about whether you got your pkg... I can't wait to see pics of you holding it all in your hot little hands lol!

    I understand about the Knitting Olympics. I am the only person in my real life SNB who is participating, I think for the reasons you mentioned. I am participating, but that is just because I love competitions!

    Anyhow, I am so glad you got your pkg so fast. Now onto the next one... lemme know if there is anything you have your eye on - knitting or non knitting related...

    SP7 :)



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