Sunday, February 26, 2006

busy busy bee

so the good thing about being super busy at work is that the time goes by faster. the bad is that i don't have time to f-around and blog. so i'll probably be posting less in the near future.

on the upside, at least i'll always have lots to talk about. first, the knit:
i finally finished the dreaded canada socks.
Canada socks from Knitting on the Road
I shouldn't say "dreaded." i really enjoyed doing the stranded part, and i love the finished product. what i hated was the clock pattern. it just went on and on and it interrupted any rhythm i might have gotten into. i finished the first sock ages ago and just didn't want to make the second. but i finally did.
1st completed socks from KOTR
because of the time lapse between the two, i made a major boo-boo. i forgot that i did a garter stitch border on the first heel flap. i made a regular eye of partridge heel on the second without the border. oops. oh well.

i also got another secret pal gift in the mail. my buddy funfuristhedevil gave me the leaf lace shawl pattern. i've been dying to try this one, and i already have yarn for it. i also got three sizes of bryspun circs from elann to try. AND my giant littleknits order finally came. so in the frenzy of lots of new stimulation, i am trying very hard to be good and finish up all of the lingering projects before starting something new. i'm working on a self-designed cardigan, a branching out scarf, and the trellis scarf from spring IK. i'm determined to finish them all before tearing into the new stuff.

and speaking of getting rid of projects that linger, i finally ripped out that goddamn pink pleated silk skirt. i hate pleats and the fabric was too thin to hold them. so i busted out the sewing machine and whipped this out yesterday afternoon.
Butterick 4461: Pink silk and black lace skirt
My mom gave me the lace ages ago. i have so much fabric sitting around, i really need to sew more. i am finally getting excited about spring clothes, so i should get back into it soon. the funny thing is that i kind of forgot how to sew--it's been so long. my workmanship isn't up to par, but i still like it.
Pink lingerie skirt modeled
it's just my old standard butterick 4461 A-line skirt. i had to make a hybrid of the size 10 and 8 because i was cutting the pink silk from the other pattern, but it fits ok. i did my typical bias fabric for the waistband because i absolutely hate facings. the silk and lace were the absolute worst fabrics to sew when i haven't been doing it in ages, but i muddled through ok.

i think that's it. whew.

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  1. Love your socks and skirt! Great job! zknitter :)

  2. The sock look great, although I can see how they would be daunting to finish.

    The skirt is hot, I really like it, you did an excellent job!

  3. I really like your skirt. Love the socks, too!

  4. the socks are great! so is the skirt: wonderful: looks good on you. I think I am going to dust of my old sewing machine.



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