Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Bountiful Branching Out

So I know that everyone and their brother has made this scarf, but i haven't...
Branching out unblocked
"Look at me! I look like poo!"
Branching out blocking
It never fails to amaze me how much better lace looks after blocking. You can actually tell there's a pattern here.
Branching out post-blocking
Pattern is Branching out from knitty, I used #8 Bryspun circs and knitpicks alpaca cloud in moss. I started out on denise circs, but it went a lot faster when i switched to bryspuns. i like the points, but the joins are kind of yucky. the join probably didn't matter much for a scarf. I'll have to wait and see if the longer width of a shawl will make it more difficult to use bryspuns. i also have learned to embrace lifelines. the pattern got much easier with more progress also. i think i may actually enjoy knitting lace!

i've come to the conclusion that i do not like the yarn i was using for butterfly and i just can't justify keeping the mistakes. so i'm going to frog that one, get some different yarn, and try it again someday. *sigh* at least i can remove it from the abandoned projects list.

i'm still plugging away at trellis, but after BO, i needed a break from lace knitting. i worked a few rows on the first sleeve of my cardigan but quickly got bored. yay no attention span.

and because i cannot stand to have less than 3 projects otn at once, i cast on for the traveler's stockings from kotr. they have a clock pattern. why do i torture myself? i'm using twinkletoes sock yarn in harlequin. i am loving the colors in this yarn. the pattern is pretty complex, but i think the results will be worth it. i figured it wouldn't hurt to start on my march sock now if i want to keep up with my goal of reducing the sock yarn stash in half by year's end.

i really like the books folk socks and knitting on the road, but i think i may need to invest in sensational knitted socks. that book seems like it has more interesting repetitive patterns, rather than the charts that the first two favor. i think i may run into trouble with charts. too much concentration. i can't really justify purchasing another sock book right now. i have so many. we'll see.

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  1. The scarf looks great-- I dig your canada socks too, so the traveller's stockings will also be fun to watch grow.

  2. I love how lace is like the kinder surprise of knitting... your scarf looks really great.

    I am dropping your pkg in the mail tomorrow, I hope yo like. I wasn't able to find the skirt pattern, i searched all over! and I also didn't buy you any knitpicks patterns.... so go crazy if you want! I am so sorry, I don't have a credit card and they don't take paypal!

    Your SP, sending you good thoughts and hopefully stuff you like!

  3. It's beautiful, it's one of the nicest I've seen. It looks very delicate.

  4. Oh so pretty! I'd be afraid to touch it for fear it would crumble in my hands it looks so delicate!

  5. Hey I've never made that scarf! I've never even seen it! Very lovely! I should really try lace one of these days.



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