Friday, January 20, 2006

"We said...meh."

Cable 8 top modeled
i finished the cable 8 top. i'm not thrilled. i don't like the crochet seaming. maybe i did it wrong, but it's all holey and bunchy. the armholes are too tight, and the top is scandalously see-through--a tidbit that i initially did not notice until i checked out the *other* photo that you will not see posted on this site EVER. the cotton feels surprisingly scratchy on the skin. of course, i could just be unduly prejudiced against cotton, b/c i'm willing to endure even the scratchiest of wools, but dammit my cotton better be baby soft! i'll wait to pass the final verdict until i've washed and worn this one, but i really hope it stretches. What is wrong with it? wrong color? too tight? not the right gauge? bad finishing skills? i don't know for certain, but i know that it doesn't look great.

at any rate, if you care, it's the Cable 8 top from spring 2005 interweave knits. knit on #10.5 aluminum straights and finished with size I crochet hook. if i ever felt the need to do this one again, i'd use wool, knit it in the round, and try it on as i go. but i doubt i'll ever make it again.

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i also started my second canada sock. at least i'm making forward progress.


  1. Not bad, in fact I like the color and the texture on you, but the sides do look a little bunchy, not so much that you couldn't wear it, but maybe unseam it and try re-seaming it?

  2. It's not terrible by a long shot, but I don't think it's the most flattering shape for your figure. I tried to knit something using that yarn and got really frustrated. It wasn't kind to my hands, thus, it got banished to the closet. Considering how inelastic that cotton is, I think your cables look great!

  3. oh,you are so sweet...! I hope it works out with washing/drying. I hope your box of goodies will cheer you up! I loooove vintage knits... I was drooling over it just last night! I discovered it online while looking for something else! I never look at Rowan because I never want to buy pattern books... I love free patterns. But that is making me change my mind! Anyhow, things will get better. Maybe you should not knit for a day... I did that today, and it actually helped alot... I don't know why... maybe i just forgot I had other skills and needed reminding. Anyway, that's my two cents... Take good care!


  4. You know, it probably would have looked better smaller. However, the stitch definition is great so maybe it can be salvaged somehow...As for the sheerness, just wear a camisole underneath it would probably look very sophisticated that way. :-)



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