Friday, January 06, 2006

those denise people are super awesome

Check it out, yo.

I know, nothing looks out of the ordinary, right? it's just my denise set. Before yesterday, the case was devoid of cables. completely empty. many of them are being used to hold various projects. and two of them had broken.

but that's what lifetime warranties are for, so I sent the broken cords back to the company with a short note saying that i think i got a defective set. i have only had my set for a little over a year. and although i use it a lot, i'm not all that hard on the cables, and i was a little peeved that TWO of them had snapped at the join.

well, i got my replacement cords in the mail yesterday.

They sent me not just the two broken cords, but AN ENTIRE REPLACEMENT SET of cords. how cool is that? i feel the need to send a thank-you note to the company. i've rarely felt so cared for.

ok, enough denise love.

finally a knitting pic.

it's my first attempt at matching stripes. i find that this probably would have been a lot easier had i made the second sock right after the first. i'm having trouble remembering what i did (though i did make notes). the problem is that my notes are mostly illegible and i have to guess anyway. i made a small matching mistake right before the heel, so i don't know how much it will throw me off for the rest of the socks. it doesn't show that much thus far.


  1. Another reason to love the Denise set and company... they stand behind their product!

    Great job on matching the stripes on your socks.

  2. Great to know that the Denise folks are so great! I haven't had any issues with mine yet, but good to know! Thanks for the wishes about my kitty...




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