Wednesday, January 04, 2006

testing the willpower already

i haven't bought any new yarn. yet.

but there was a special on old rowan magazines at their website that i couldn't
resist. approximately $30 for FOUR back issues of rowan magazine. it's
supposed to be 30, 31, 32, and 34, but they send you whatever they have in
stock. i figured if i get any duplicates i'll just trade them at the knitty

i've also been tempted by annie modesitt's silk ribbed corset. i saw a few
pics online of people who have made this and it does indeed look very
flattering. the only thing stopping me is the ribbing. i have a serious
hatred of ribbing. and no appropriate yarn. so i guess by default this one
has to wait at least until July 21. i think the only reason i developed an
interest is because i wore a (purchased) corset for new year's and now i'm
intrigued by them.

i'm still working according to the numbers on the secret project. usually i
just throw caution to the winds and alter as i see fit, but this time i'm
really trying to stick to the original idea. i guess i will soon see if that
was a good plan or not.

my hands are itching to start a new pair of socks, but i should really finish
the holiday detour socks before i start anything else. and then there's the
question of what to do first? pomatomus? whitby from knitting on the road?
broadripple? a fair-isle sock? i have so much sock yarn. and so many
patterns. too many choices make my head spin.

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