Tuesday, January 31, 2006

postal impatience

ok, first i should add a disclaimer that i am no way upset with the ebay seller
i purchased yarn from. at least not yet. this is all about my own impatience
and neeeeeed for instant gratification. i ordered some briggs and little
durasport from canada. i asked them how long it takes to ship and they said
6-12 business days. i don't think it's been 12 business days yet. but i want
my yarn NOWWWWW. i keep obsessively checking the mail everyday when i come
home from work. but no yarn. it also doesn't help that the order i placed for
secret pal yarn arrived in half a second. but that yarn isn't as exciting.
for one thing, it arrived already. for another, it isn't for me. woo,

and speaking of b&l, why do the cats love it so? i keep coming home to my lone
hank of gray durasport all slobbered up and on the ground. little bastards.
the hank is actually getting worrisomely kinky and weird feeling.

i haven't finished the canada socks. i'm averaging about 2 rounds per day. i
knit one or two rows in the mornings before i have to leave to catch the bus.
maybe i'm waiting to finish on purpose so that i can count them as my february
socks for the sock a month knitalong. yeah, sure...that's it.

the good news is: i think i am slowly emerging from my slump. right now i'm
hard at work on cherie/goldie. i finished the body and am about half done on
the first sleeve. i am excited because this will be my first seamless
bottom-up raglan, and i'm enjoying altering the Cherie pattern. i also really
like working with summer tweed. its dry lifeless feeling grew on me. the
fabric worked up feels very soft and comfy. i want this to be a comfort
sweater. the color i am still unsure about. i should take a photo and put it
to the test. there's always dye if i get desperate. it would be pretty in

thank you pal, for the resources on chamonix. i am trying very hard to keep
the credit card in my wallet. i have plenty of projects to be getting on with
right now. if it's meant for me to have more, it'll still be around when i'm
ready to buy. :-)

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