Friday, January 13, 2006

one down, one to go

i finished the first canada sock last night. now that they moved the office to
thursdays, i have an excuse to watch even more tv and knit. so the canada sock
is definitively NOT my most favorite sock i have ever knit. the clock pattern
got really tedious. now don't get me looks fabulous and was well
worth the pain, but it was difficult to keep it up while talking and watching
tv at the same time.

but i complain too much. i'm very happy with sock #1. i'll probably take a
brief break from starting #2 and go back to the secret project. this warm
weather makes me want to knit tank tops and other out-of-season
items. i gotta get cracking on the secret project before winter ends.

i broke down. i ordered "folk socks" and "vintage knits" from amazon and got 2 more skeins of briggs and little durasport from ebay to make the norwegian stockings. i already have smoke. i picked up a hank of denim blue and one of ecru that i may or may not dye, depending on what colors i choose. the gauge is supposed to be similar to dale heilo. now i just have to wait for it all to get here.

edited to say that i realize i said in this post that i wasn't going to buy more yarn. and now i've bought more yarn. but before you get out the whooping stick, let me say that i've decided to forgo the planned purchase of winter accessories yarn, so this is more like a replacement. but, it was a purchase i did not intend to make and now have, so you can commence beating. oops.

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