Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Yarn for a Cause

sort of.

i ordered some fun new yarn from a popular ebay seller. why am i cheating on
my stash vow, you ask? well, technically, i'm not. i purchased some yarn to
give to my secret pal 7, and some other yarn to make something for my secret
pal 7. so see, it's not cheating. it's giving. giving is allowed. giving is
encouraged, even. and that's enough about that.

i finally knit a few more rows on the canada sock. and i added several inches
more to goldie. and i tried on the post-washed cable 8 top, and i am still
unhappy. unhappy enough to frog and reknit it, i think. i'm not a
perfectionist. really. but i know when i won't wear something, and there is
just no point keeping it if it is going to line the bottom of my closet
forever. Get thee to the Frog Pile, Cable 8!

*sigh* i'm looking back on my January "progress" and i think i can decidedly
declare that i am in a knitting slump. i've only managed to finish 2 pairs of
socks that were actually begun way back in 2005 and were only finished in 2006.
i'm halfheartedly working on two pairs of socks. but i'm *gasp* sick of
socks. or at least...i'm sick of these socks. i made a tank top i don't like
and need to rip and reknit. i've made half of another tank top (badly) and
just can't find the motivation to make the other half. and i've started a
sweater i'm not sure that i will like TWICE because i'm too idiotic to make a
gauge swatch.

What is wrong with me? actually i don't think anything is wrong. i think this
is my normal mode of existence. i only transform into the massive Finisher At
All Costs during xmas season. knitting for myself is a meandering leisurely
process. and there shouldn't be anything wrong with that.


  1. It definitely seems to be knitting slump time. Maybe it's the lack of substantial winter action.

  2. Now that the holidays are over it's time to focus on the process, not the FO. ;) At least that's what I keep telling myself...



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