Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Daily Progress Pic

More Canada sock. Initially i had planned to knit the second sock in tandem with the first, like i did with my roommate's classy slip-ups, but eh. whatever. i think for this particular sock, doing them one at a time is actually better, because i want to rush through the first sock in order to get to the colorwork on the second. at least, that's the theory. but back to the pic. i made the cuff 9 inches, because pulling it up to 10 stretched out the stranded part to the max, and i didn't think it was a very good look. i'm kind of iffy on the knitpicks essential yarn. i didn't notice on the simple stripes, but the yarn is kind of fuzzy. like the sock looks old and worn even while i am in the process of creating it. i'm also bummed about their extremely limited color selection.

and now i will tell you why. i realllllly want to make a pair of norwegian stockings from folk socks. but i don't have the book. or appropriate yarn. and i'm not supposed to buy any more yarn until july, remember? but i was thinking of nixing the idea of making winter accessories for my pink coat. mostly because it's supposed to be 50 degrees today in the middle of january, and i figured that signals the end of days, so why bother? instead i could cheat (just a little) and get the supplies to make those socks. because i really really want the socks. really.

but then i was looking at my stash baskets, which are still sitting on the floor because there is no more room for them to sit on my shelves, and the stacks of sock books i have in my bookcase, and i should really really try to make more socks with the stuff that i have first. boo. at any rate, i am always looking ahead, so i think after the canada socks are done, i will make the embossed leaves socks from the winter 2005 ik with the green koigu from my stash. and maybe after i complete those, i'll allow myself to cheat. we'll see.

oh and not that you care, but i haven't shaved since october. isn't that crazy? i'm starting to wonder why i even bothered all those years.

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  1. Ha! Yeah, I have not shaved since then either! ;)

    LOVE the sock!



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