Tuesday, January 03, 2006

move along--nothing to see here...

i made it through the second repeat of the cable eight top back v2.0. god i
feel stupid for screwing it up. basically, i bound off and then realized i
forgot to knit the ending six rows. i intended to frog the cast off edge and
add those rows. then i'd be done. instead i accidentally ripped out the CAST
ON edge (upside down) and wondered why my addition looked so wonky. so i
ripped out the entire back and am knitting it again. i got pretty disgusted
with myself. i feel like this project is cursed. maybe it's my hate/hate
affair with cotton yarn.

let's hope not though. i threw aside the cable eight top in disgust, did a
whole lot o' math, and began my super secret project. and boy are my hands
tired. i hope this turns out the way i envisioned. i feel like this will turn
out to be the grand experiment in blocking, also known as, Is Sara Really As
Small As She Thinks She Is?

i think my latest fears have to do with knitting 5000 projects that turned out
to be too big for me so now i'm going the opposite route in the extreme. it
hasn't backfired thus far. the bulky cables cardigan turned out perfectly and
i feared it would be too small. i think it's a similar scenario to when i
purchase sweaters or coats online. i buy the extra small, receive the extra
small, take the extra small out of the packaging, think, "holy shit this is
TINY," try on the extra small, and realize it fits. oh.

and if it doesn't work out, i can always rip it and redo. something i'm
getting a lot of practice at lately.

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