Wednesday, January 18, 2006

just because you can...

it doesn't mean you should. i made toe socks using the bernat pattern, santa's toe socks as a guide. i think they look cute. i knew that they wouldn't be practical, but i was willing to accept that. they are very uncomfortable. i don't think toes were meant to be separated like fingers in gloves. i think i'm going to rip back and make them mitten socks, with just the big toe. then i can wear them with flip flops but without the little toe begging to be freed. it was a fun experiment. i feel like i could make gloves now. but i'm not doing it again.

in other news, i received a postcard from my sp7 pal. it was very sweet of her to think of me. i am still in the mode of the last sp rounds just ending, so i'm a bit behind the times.


  1. I felt like that too the first time I wore toe socks. Give them a couple days, your toes will figure it out. I grew to love them and now have several pairs!

  2. I agree with rae! I love toe socks now.

    I am glad that you liked my postcard! After I posted it, I realized that I didn't put enough postage on it, and I was worried that it wouldn't get to you, so I sent you another! So that one should be showing up soon :)

    Oh, I am so close to sending your box full of goodies! Watch out for a box in the post!




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