Thursday, January 26, 2006

In praise of folly

Winter has returned to Rochester. so, i tried to make a hat last night. i
failed. i cast on for marnie maclean's nautilus hat from my leftover jaeger
chamonix. i like the pattern, but i'm having issues with sizing. basically,
for whatever reason, i think that my noggin is much larger than it actually is.
i kept having to rip back and make the next smaller size. i finally gave up
and i think i will start all over and knit the smallest size.

ideally, i will knit this hat with no border, just leaving it as a roll brim,
and then crochet or knit a couple of flowers to go on it. i want a
cloche-esque style. one of these days i will finish something i am happy with.

mostly working with chamonix makes me sad because i love the yarn so much and
it's been discontinued. might i kill for more of this yarn? i doubt it. i
might maim someone though. then again, the knots really pissed me off. but
the yarn itself is so delicious. maybe i'd punch someone. yes, i'd definitely
punch someone for more jaeger chamonix. provided i have the legs to run away
before they punch me back.

i'm wearing my bulky cables cardigan today, so that probably explains my lust
for chamonix. i've discovered it's a lot nicer to knit with it single
stranded, but it is still lovely to wear either way.

i also want a ruffled scarf to go with my pink coat. i think that i'll use the
yarn from tempting, as surely a scarf requires no resiliency. bye-bye
tempting...i'll probably frog you this weekend. i was thinking about making
the crocheted scarf from rowan 38, but i haven't decided yet. any suggestions?

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