Thursday, January 05, 2006

i did have a picture

but sadly, i grabbed the wrong cable this morning on my way to work. my ipod
is currently charging blissfully, but i have no way of transferring my picture
this morning. oh well.

i watched all of the aviator last night--no easy feat--and i needed a project i
wouldn't have to concentrate on. so i laid aside my secret project and cast on
for the second holiday detour sock in knitpicks simple stripes. i had no plans
to match the stripes, but wouldn't you know it...the yarn began in almost the
same spot, so i figured what they hey--i might as well try. i think it's
turning out decently so far. truth be told, i just want to hurry up and finish
the pair so i can start a more exciting pattern.

i ordered many many color cards from knitpicks so that i may choose an
appropriate color for my new coat accessories set. i really need to get
cracking on this because i have no hat and it's getting cold again. but as a
balance i really need to take my time and make sure i get something i'll be
happy with. and it'll be my last yarn purchase for 6.5 months so i want it to
be a good one.

it's january 5 so i should really assess the sidebar situation and weed out
some old projects. i'll post it on over at the knitty wip blog.

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