Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hi, Nice to Meet You *waves*

so you know, i just realized that i never did one of those cheesy intro posts to start off my blog on the right foot. and with sp7 just starting--what the hell, i'll just do it now...i'm only a year and a month late.

I'm Sara. i have multiple name and personality disorder. (ok, not really. i was a psych major and never got over self-diagnosing) if you want to know what i currently look like, check out my yahoo avatar. the super creepy thing is that i actually do look like that...albeit slightly less cartoony. and more korean. I learned to knit after i graduated from college, mostly because i had all this newfound time on my hands and didn't know what to do with it. i taught myself crochet when i was 12, but i never really got into it. i don't like how most crocheted items look aka Something My Grandma Would Make or Hi, I'm From the 70s. i like that i can create knit items that i would actually wear in public free from shame. well...most of the time.

i like to knit all sorts of things, but i'm one of those selfish people who knits for myself. except for the christmas season. then i enjoy the torture of knitting for family ON A DEADLINE. i haven't given myself an ulcer yet, but there's still time. i knit like i'm in a race, so i either finish things very quickly or never. i have a whole pile of "Never"s. just look at my sidebar. i am currently experimenting with designing my own sweaters because i have some unusual fitting issues. mainly that i am very short and have a boyish figure. ok, so technically i could just knit myself child-sized sweaters, but i hate flowers and cutesy things.

my favorite items to knit are socks. i do heart me some socks. i have an unreasonable amount of sock patterns, books, and yarn. and needles. i can churn out many pairs though, and i've currently set a goal for myself to reduce my sock yarn stash by at least 75% in 2006. that goal may be unreachable.

so far, my least favorite thing to knit is lace. and mohair. and lace mohair. i have tried my best. honestly. and i haven't completely given up hope yet. but my attention span is not so great. and my frustration levels are. one day i will overcome. one day.

I am afflicted with the Red Sweater Curse. the first sweater i ever made was a simple bright red v-neck from vogue knitting in lionbrand woolease. i followed the directions to the letter. which was a tragic mistake (see "unusual fitting issues" above). the sweater was renamed "the gorilla arms sweater." a few years later, i bought some knitpicks merino style in maple leaf. i tried to make angelina from whiteliesdesigns, but the 2x2 rib defeated me. then i tried to make a minisweater. then a crocheted bed jacket. (can you sense the desperation?) finally, i used some of it to make some felted potholders and the rest to make analise from Rowan 38. it didn't fit. currently the sweater is in the frog pile, waiting to be conquered once again.

the former paragraph is probably enough of an introduction. you can glean most of what you need to know about me from it. except that i have two spoiled kitties. and that i never know how to end posts.

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